Workout for 2/5/2019

Weightlifting Conditioning, Mid Duration

“DT done with DBs”

6 rounds for time:

14 dumbbell deadlifts
12 dumbbell cleans, alternating
10 dumbbell push press, alternating

All exercises are done with 2 dumbbells; 1 in each hand.

Load: SC=Medium for p-presses, RX=2x40s/2x30s, RX+=2x50s/2x35s, RX+=is dared to use k-bells (53lb & 35lb k-bells)

Pre-Fatigues Power Output Test, Short/Sprint Intervals

Max Average Wattage in 1:00
-You choose: rower or bike

1-minute all-out, 110% effort.

Athlete rotate thru 1 min intervals. Reset the monitor before the start of each interval.

Expect time for each person to do 2-4 rounds. Rest ~2:00 bx ea.

Scores = average wattage in each “round”. If you do 3 rounds, you have 3 scores.