Workout for 1/8/2019

Weightlifting Strength Re-Test Week A

Bench or Shoulder Press


Work up to a max. Record your lift in S-WOD. Next week we’ll have a 2nd opportunity to max.

Monostructural/Weightlifting Conditioning, Mid Duration

“Stairway to Cindy Heaven”

1 pull-up
1 push-up
2 lunges, weighted

2 pull-ups
2 push-ups
4 lunges, weighted

Then: 3-3-6, 4-4-8, 5-5-10, etc.
Etc. Numbers climb each round.

Pull-ups: SC=assisted (L1), RX=unassisted (L2+), RX+=muscle-ups, any
Push-ups: SC=box, RX=floor, RX+=handstand push-ups
Lunges: SC=medium-heavy, RX=95/65, RX+=155/105