Workout for 1/28/2019

Weightlifting Strength Development Series - Week 2/4


3 thrusters, climbing
20-second time cap each min.

Climbing each minute. Do not add weight unless the previous round was completed in 20 seconds or less. Gather plates BEFORE the EMOM starts!

Weightlifting/Gymnastics Conditioning, Short-Mid Duration


For time,
50-40-30 reps of thrusters
5-4-3 reps of muscle-ups

Thruster: SC=40% p. press (LIGHT), RX=45/35, RX+=65/45

(Repeat of 1-30-17 & 1-29-18)

Scaling muscle-ups:
L1: 5 pullups + 5 dips, 4/4, 3/3
L2: Jumping mups, ring or bar
L3: Muscle-ups, ring or bar