Workout for 1/24/2019

Weightlifting Strength Test Under Fatigue

9:00 to a max snatch, any style

3 scores:
Best snatch by 3:00
Best snatch by 6:00
Best snatch by 9:00

4 scores: Justified rounds + reps, snatch 1, snatch 2, snatch 3

Weightlifting/Gymnastics Conditioning, Mid-Duration


30 deadlifts
20 overhead squats
10 pull-ups or 10 dips*

DL: SC=50% of 1RM, RX=185/115, RX+=205/135
OHS: SC=50% of 1RM, RX=95/65, RX+=115/75
PU: SC=L1 (assisted), RX=L2+ (unassisted), RX+=muscle-ups
Dips: SC=assisted, RX+=unassisted (box or ring), RX+=MUP