Workout for 1/3/2019

Weightlifting Strength - Deload Week

Push or Split Jerk


Work up to a difficult single
No more than 8-8.5/10 effort
Misses or fails = 50 burpees

Don’t max out today. You’ll get chance to max out soon. Trust the process. Recommend avoiding belts today. If you need a belt, you’re pushing too hard.

Weightlifting/Gymnastics Conditioning, Short-Mid-Duration

“Jump Street”

5 Rounds for time,

1 rope climb
8 shoulder-to-overhead
8 box jumps
1:00 rest

Rope climb: SC=lock & pull chin-over-bar, RX=2nd Green/1st Green, RX+=2 reps to the I-Beam
Shoulder-to-Overhead: 50% of today’s h-single. RX+ does split jerks, alternating lead leg each rep.
Box jumps: SC=FAST reps, RX=24/20, RX+=12 reps 24/20