Workout for 1/14/2019

Tri-Modal Conditioning, Long-Duration

“Sean C”

Two rounds for time:
25 hang power clean & jerks
25 pull-ups
25/20 calorie machine
25 ring push-ups
25 sit-ups

HPCJ: SC=50-60% of HPC, RX=115/75, RX+=30 reps at 155/105
Pull-ups: SC=L1, RX=chin over, RX+=30 pull-ups in round 1, 30 muscle-ups in round 2.
Bike: SC & RX do 25/20 cal (M/F), RX+ does 30/25 cal (M/F)
RPU: SC=elevated, RX=level with box/bench, RX+=30 reps
Sit-ups: SC & RX=floor or AbMat, RX+=30 GHD sit-ups