Workout for 8/9/2018

Odd Object Strength Development

Sled Pushes, LOW-handle

Monostructural/Gymnastics Conditioning, Long-Duration

"Yosemite Sam" Repeat

For Time,
400-Meter Run
40 Pull-Ups
300-Meter Run
30 Pull-Ups
200-Meter Burden Run
20 Pull-Ups
100-Meter Burden Run
10 Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups: SC=assisted, RX=un-assisted, RX+=bar muscle-ups for the 20-rep & 10-rep rounds
Burde: 45# plate for men, 25# for women. IF YOU CAN'T RUN 400 meters in less than 2:30, DON'T run with a burden in any of the runs today, AND scale distance back!