Workout for 11/30/2018

Weightlifting Strength Re-Test, Week A

Conventional or Sumo Deadlift


Work up to a max. Record your lift in S-WOD. Be bold, go big!

Gymnastics Conditioning, Short-Mid Duration

“Angie 2.0”

7 rounds for time:
8 single-DB cleans
8 toes to bar
1 rope climb

DB: SC=”medium-fast”, RX=50/30, RX+=60/40 x 10 reps. We suggest switching arms ea. rep.
TTB: SC=<TTB (“lite and fast”), RX=TTB, RX+=10 reps of TTB
RC: SC=stand-floor-stand, RX=I-beam, RX+=2 legless rope climb