Workout for 10/30/2018

Weightlifting Strength Development Progressive Series - Week 2 of 4

Push Press or Push Jerk:

Work up to a 3-rep max.

Then: 5 sets of 1 at 90% 3RM

Go by feel and do what you can today. Work up quickly & do the drop sets as an EMOM if able.

Weightlifting/Gymnastic Conditioning, Mid-Duration, Heavy

“Terrible Twos”

AMRAP 12: Teams of 2

2 power cleans
2 muscle-ups, bar or ring

P-Clean: SC=80-85% 1RM, RX=185/125, RX+=205/135
Muscle-Ups: SC=L1 (assisted) pullup, RX=Pull-ups, RX+=Muscle-ups

Teammates take turns completing full rounds.