Workout for 10/24/2018

Gymnastics Skill & Strength Development

EMOM 10:

Level 1:
1-5 Pull-ups, chin over

Level 2:
1-5 Pull-ups, chest-to-bar

Level 3:
1-5 Muscle-ups

Pick something challenging and improve strength on pull-ups

Gymnastics Conditioning, Short-Mid Duration

“Holy Smokes”

40 feet of lunging
20 pull-ups

Lunge: SC/RX=unweighted for 20’ out and 20’ back; RX+=goblet lunges with 53/35 kettlebell
Pull-ups: SC=L1 (assisted), RX=L2+ (unassisted), RX+=20 chest to bar OR 5 muscle-ups. Everyone should choose a pull-up that’s “light and fast” for quick rounds.