Workout for 8/10/2017

Monostructural/Gymnastics Conditioning, Long-Duration

“Yosemite Sam”
For time,
400-meter run
40 pull-ups
300-meter run
30 pull-ups
200-meter burden run
20 pull-ups
100-meter burden run
10 pull-ups 

Odd Object Strength Development (Outside)

Sled pushes, LOW-handle
25m – 25m – 25m – 25m – 25m 

After-Hour Accessory Midline/ Agility/Accuracy Exercise

Midline: Accum. 3:00 of single- arm face-down planks.
Accuracy (choose one):
-Play catch with a lacrosse ball; challenge with bounces off floors and walls
-Play handball with tennis ball
-Play Spikeball