Workout for 7/22/2017

Gymnastics Conditioning, Mid-Long Duration

“Monkey Business”

For time, in T2, Murph-style:
   25 rig flips
   30 rope climbs
   150 sit-ups on GHD

RF: SC=assisted, RX=unassisted, RX+= 25 gymnastics pull-overs
RC: SC=assisted or mod height, RX=green, RX+= 50 to i-beam
Situps: SC= floor, RX=GHD, RX+ = 200 reps on GHD

Strength/ Stamina Exercise

Strength: Supine dumbbell pull-overs, 4 sets of 8-12 at 40X0.

Bag walk: 3 sets of 200 meters with a heavy bag on shoulders.