Workout for 6/28/207

Monostructural/Gymnastics Conditioning, Long-Duration

 AMRAP 11:
 1 mile run or row
 Max pull-ups in time left
Then, on no rest:

 AMRAP 11:
 1 mile run or row
 Max box jumps in time left
Pull-ups: SC=assisted, RX= unassisted, RX+= muscle-ups
Box jumps: SC=light & fast, RX= 24/20, RX+= 30/24

Weightlifting Strength Development Progressive Series- Week 10/12

Push or Bench Press:
 Set 1: 3 x 80%
 Set 2: 3 x 85%
 Set 3: ME x 90%

After-Hour Accessory - Agility/Pulling Strength Exercise

Agility: Set up an agility ladder and spend 10’ on various drills.
Grip: Accumulate 2:00 of falsegrip dead hangs from rings/bar

After: Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment.

Before: Wear gymnastics grips & hand tape; check 80/85/90% of press max; wear running shoes.