Workout for 6/15/2017

Weightlifting Conditioning, Mid-Duration

 5 rounds for max reps:
 1:30 of farmers’ carries
 1:00 of shoulder-to-overhead
 0:30 of rest
Farmers Carries: SC=medium weight, RX=2x53/2x35, RX+= 2x70/2x44
Shoulder-to-overhead: SC=med-heavy (~70%), RX=135/95, RX+= 185/115

Weightlifting Strength Test, PreFatigued

10:00 to find a heavy single:
 Push or Split Jerk
 Work from the rack

After-Hour Accessory Exercise, Upper & Lower Back Position

Upper back: Choose a favorite CrossOver Symmetry protocol.
Lower back: Rack pulls w/ heavy bar, 4 x 5 heavy

Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 

Check 70% shoulder-to-overhead max; wear wrist wraps & get a PVC/bar & light KBs/DBs for the warmup