Workout for 6/1/2017

Weightlifting Strength Development Progressive Series- Week 6 of 12

Front or Back Squat:
 Set 1: 3 x 67%
 Set 2: 3 x 76%
 Set 3: ME x 86%

Gymnastics/Monostructural Conditioning, Short-Mid Duration

“Jamie P“
5 rounds for time:
 4 pull-ups
 14 pistols
 20 double-unders

Pull-ups: SC=assisted, RX=unassisted, RX+= muscle-ups
Pistols: SC=assisted, RX/RX+=unassisted
Jump rope: SC=3x singles or 1xattem, RX=dubs, RX+= 40 dubs

After-Hour Accessory Strength & Power Exercise

Strength: Bear-hug walk with a d-ball or heavy plates for 200m
Power: Throw a slamball as far as possible in 20 throws.


Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 


Check 67/76/86% squat max; get a jump rope; wear knee sleeves/lifting shoes as needed.