Workout for 4/7/2017

Weightlifting/Gymnastics Conditioning, Long-Duration

For time, in teams of 2:
 50 sumo deadlift high pulls
 20 synchro bar-facing burpees
 50 power snatches
 20 synchro bar-facing burpees
 50 overhead squats
 20 synchro tire-facing burpees
 50 tire flips
 20 synchro tire-facing burpees
Load: SC=medium-heavy load, RX=115/75, RX+=135/95

After-Hour Accessory Cardiovascular/Flexibility Exercise

Run for 800-1600 meters at a 65-75% effort pace.
Spend 10’ addressing flexibility with long-duration stretches.

Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment.

Get an Empty bar for warm up, wrist wraps, lifting shoes PRN.