Workout for 4/20/2017

Tri-Modal Conditioning, MidLong Duration

 For time, 3 rounds of:
 50 double-unders
 25 front-racked bar lunges
 5 pull-ups
Then, with no rest:

 2 rounds of:
 15 hang power snatches
 10 wall walks

Jump rope: SC=150 singles or 30 attempts, RX/RX+=double-under
Lunges/HPS: SC=50-60% snatch max, RX=115/75, RX+=135/95
Pull-ups: SC=assisted, RX=unassisted, RX+= muscle-ups
Wall walks: SC=box, RX=wall, RX+= wall with a plate (45/25). 

Weightlifting Strength Test, PreFatigued

 Find a clean 1-rep max.
Power or squat. Hang or floor.

After-Hour Accessory Midline Exercise

Midline: Accumulate 2:00 of arch-body position holds.
Strength: Accum. 15-20 slow false-grip ring-row negatives.

Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 

Check previous best on a clean; 50-60% of snatch max; get wrist wraps & knee sleeves.