Workout for 3/8/2017

Gymnastics Conditioning, Repeated Sprint Intervals

“Glassman Inspired”
AMRAP 16, in teams of 2:
 3 pull-ups
 6 pistols
 9 burpees
 Rest 30 seconds
Teammates take turns doing full rounds. 30 seconds rest after every round (after each person).


Weightlifting Strength Test, PreFatigued

After “Glassman”, 8:00 to do:
Clean & Jerk- heavy single
 Any style clean, any style jerk.

After-Hour Accessory - Midline/Strength Exercise

Midline: 150 bicycle crunches, accumulated
Strength: Accumulate 30 total false-grip ring rows or ring chins.

Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 

Wear gymnastics grips for pull-ups, lifting shoes and/or knee sleeves for pistols. Check previous best on clean/jerk.