Workout for 3/24/2017

Weightlifting Strength Development Progressive Series- Week 2 of 4

Conv or Sumo Deadlift:
 Set 1: 3 x 70%
 Set 2: 3 x 80%
 Set 3: ME x 90%

Gymnastics Conditioning, Short/ Sprint Duration

For time, 1 round:
 62 air-squat box jumps.

2:00 rest, then:

For time, 30 rounds:
 2 push-ups
 2 sit-ups

BJ: SC=easy height, RX=24/20
PU: SC=to a box, RX=to the floor
SU: RX=hands-to-laces sit-ups, RX+= platform sliders

After-Hour Accessory Cardio/ Flexibility Exercise

Run for 800-1600 meters at a 60-70% effort pace.
Spend 10’ addressing flexibility with long-duration stretches.

Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 

Check 70/80/90% of DL max; maybe wear wrist wraps and a lifting belt.