Workout for 3/2/2017

Weightlifting/Gymnastics, Long

“The 300 Workout”
For time,
 25 pull-ups
 50 deadlifts
 50 push-ups, hand-release
 50 box jumps
 50 floor wipers
 50 power clean+shoulder-to-overhead (DB)
 25 pull-ups
Deads/wipers: SC= light & fast, RX=135/95, RX+= 155/105
Box jumps: SC= light & fast, RX=24/20, RX+= 24/20 (same)
Power clean+Shoulder-to-overhead: SC= light & fast, RX=1 x 35/1x25, RX+= 1x50/1x35

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Upper back: Bent-over T-bar rows, 3 sets of 10 across, heavy.
Lower back: Back extensions on GHD, 3 sets of 10, across if weighted.

Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 

Check workout results for 2-25-15 (this is a repeat); get a light KB for the warmup.