Workout for 3/17/2017

Tri-Modal Conditioning, Long

 For time, 1 round:
 30 power snatches
 30 p-clean & p-jerks
 400 meter run
 30 wall-balls
 30 box jumps
 400 meter run
 21 thrusters
 21 pull-ups
 400 meter run
 15 overhead squats
 15 air squats
 10 push-ups
 5 pull-ups

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Accuracy: Throwing game! Standing with back against the wall, try to throw a lacrosse ball through one of the gymnastics rings. First to succeed wins.

Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 

Check 50% of p-snatch max, wear gear as desired.