Workout for 2/7/2017

Monostructural Conditioning, Repeated Sprint Intervals

For time, in teams of 3:
 Men: 7000 meters
 Co-ed: 6500 meters
 Women: 6000 meters
Damper set to position 3 today. 1 working, 2 resting. Work is divided in any pattern of choice.

Weightlifting Strength Test Under Fatigue

Immediately after the row, 6:00 to:
 Team total:
 Clean & Jerk to a heavy single
 Add heaviest lifts for 3 athletes

After-Hour Accessory Exercise, Midline & Balance Development

Midline: Accumulate 150 bicycle crunches.
Balance: Practice line-walking for 10 minutes.

After: Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD,  clean/return equipment. 

Before: Check previous clean and jerk or jerk max; wear lifting shoes & belts, knee sleeves as desired.