Workout for 8-05-16

Weightlifting Strength/Skill Development

Every 90 seconds for 10:30 (8 sets), work up to a Daily Max in the following complex:

1x Snatch
2x Snatch Balance

Variants: the snatch may be power, power + OHS, or squat, depending on athlete skill/goal.


Monostructural/Odd Object Conditioning:

 From 0-9:00: Death by Shuttle Sprint*

 1:00 Rest

 From 10-17:00: For time:  100m Overhead Plate Lunge

Load: 45# plate for men, 35# plate for women.


Execution: Every "break" by bringing the plate down from overhead, complete 10 Russian Twists with Plate (R + L = 1). Recommend doing these in the grass, not on pavement.

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Rotator cuff:
   2 rounds of 30 seconds each:
   External rotation, arm @ 0, R
   External rotation, arm @ 0, L
   External rotation, arm @ 90, R
   External rotation, arm @ 90, L
   Internal rotation, arm @ 0, R
   Internal rotation, arm @ 0, L
   Internal rotation, arm @ 90, R
   Internal rotation, arm @ 90, L