Workout for 7-28-16

Barbell Strength Development

“Ranch Deadlift Ladder”
   EMOM 15 or until a max:

   1 deadlift, climbing

Execution: Start at 70% of 1RM. Add 10# every minute. One bar with changing load. Share a bar with someone and team up to make fast weight changes.

Gymnastics Conditioning, Sprint Intervals

“Jen Dub-Squared”

   AMRAP 9, in teams of 2:
   7 burpee box jumps

   at the 9:00 mark, go into:

   For time:
   79 synchronized air squats

13-minute total time cap.

Execution: Teammates alternate sets of 7 BBJ; for example, teammate a does 7 BBJ, then teammate B does 7 BBJ, then A. Air squats are performed in synchrony (simultaneously).

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

3 sets of 12 reverse hypers, as strengthening & decompression, heavier than last week if able.

3 sets of 12 bicep curls/arm, across; full supination at top.