Workout for 7-26-16

Barbell Strength Development
Progressive Series- Week 2 of 3

Back or Front Squat- 3 sets of 10

   B-Squat: 70% of 1RM
   F-Squat: 65% of 1RM

Do not go over the prescribed percentages. Next week will be heavier tens.

Tri-Modal Conditioning, Short-Mid Duration

“Ranch Mini Chipper”
   For time:
   50 wall-balls
   25 GHD sit-ups with med ball
   300 meter run with med ball

13-minute time cap.

Load: 30/20 or a load that would allow completion of the wall-balls in 1-3 sets.

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Gymnastics skill: Spend 10 minutes practicing rope climbs.

Midline strength: 3 x 12 reverse hamstring curls OR hip extensions (GHD for either).