Workout for 6-22-16

Weightlifting/Gymnastics Conditioning, Short

From the 0-10:00 mark:

“Phoenix Rising”
   5 rounds for time:
   10 deadlifts
   18’ handstand walk

Monostructural/Gymnastics Conditioning, Short/Sprint

From the 10-20:00 mark:

“Vroom Vroom Vicki”
   5 rounds for time:
   Mens’ version:
   12 calorie row, 12 air squats
   100 meter run
   Womens’ version:
   10 calorie row, 10 air squats
   100 meter run

Gymnastics/Odd Object Conditioning, Short/Sprint

From the 20-30:00 mark:

“Donna’s Death Ride”

   For time,
   6 rope climbs
   23 pull-ups, strict
   34 kettlebell swing-snatch

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Conjugate Method Dynamic-Effort Upper-Body

10 sets of 2 shoulder presses or bench presses from the rack.

Load: 75% of 1-rep max.
Execution: Work from the rack. Control the “down” but explode UP as quickly and powerfully as possible. This is about speed development.