Workout for 6-21-16

Monostructural/Gymnastics, Long-Duration Intervals

   400 meter run, row or bike
   20 burpees

Rest 1:1

Execution A: If it takes 3 minutes total for the 400+20, rest 3 minutes. Use stopwatches and cell phone timers as needed.

Execution B: 3-minute time cap on any run/row/bike. If anyone’s pace slows more than that, scale the distance. 

Barbell Strength Development (Conjugate Method Max-Effort Upper Body)

A: Find a daily max on the complex:
   Push press
   Push press

B: 1 max-rep drop set: Max push presses at 85% of today’s heaviest complex load. 

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Alternate back and forth between the following:

A: Find a max-height box jump.

B: Rotator cuff exercise:
   B1: 30” external rotation with small dumbbell or band, arm at 90 degrees
   B2: 30” internal rotation with small band, arm at 90 degrees