Workout for 6-20-16

Barbell Strength Development (Conjugate Method Max-Effort Lower Body)

Wide-Stance Box Squat to a 1-Rep Max.

If you back squatted this last week, do front squat today; if you front squatted it last week, do back squat today. 

No drop set today.

Barbell Conditioning, Short-to-Mid Duration

   5 rounds for time:
   8 front-racked barbell lunges
   8 thrusters

12-minute time cap.

Load: ~60% of push press max

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Alternate between the GHD & dumbbells, breaking up the work in any pattern:
   A: Accumulate 60 GHD sit-ups
   B: Accumulate 60 bicep curls

Submaximal pace. Any set size, alternating between the exercises. Any load for bicep curls.