Tri-Modal Conditioning, Long Duration (Intervals)

“K Fire 2016”
   For time, in teams of two:
   6 rounds:
   15 hang squat cleans
   15 double-unders
   15 pull-ups
   1 rope climb

20-minute time cap.

Load for cleans: 50-60% of 1RM hang clean.

Execution: 1 working, 1 resting. Teammates take turns and divide up work in any pattern.

After-Hour Accessory Exercise
Conjugate Method Dynamic-Effort Upper-Body
EMOM 10: 2 shoulder presses or bench presses from the rack.
Load: 70% of 1-rep max.
Execution: Work from the rack. Do this as an EMOM. Control the “down” but explode UP as quickly and powerfully as possible. This is about speed development, not about “heavy”. 

Before class: gymnastics grips/gloves/tape, knee sleeves, lifting shoes and/or belt, jump rope.

During: bar loaded to 50-60% of 1RM hang clean, pull-up area, jump and climbing rope.

After: Do accessory exercise, record workout results, clean & return equipment.

Kendall Smith’s birthday was yesterday (6-15).

Scaling double-unders today:
1 x attempts
1 x bar hops
2/3 x triple-unders (10 total)
4 x single-unders