Barbell Speed/Power Test
Power Clean 5-3-3-1-1-1-1-1-1
Find a 1-rep max for the day.

Time permitting, do 5-10 drop singles at 80% of today’s 1RM.

Barbell Conditioning, Short-Mid Duration

“60 at 60”
   For time,
   60 power cleans
Load: 60% of today’s 1-rep max
12-minute time cap.


After-Hour Accessory Exercise
A: Accumulate 60 sit-ups.
B: Spend ~5 minutes practicing single-leg balance with one or more of the following:

   -Eagle Pose
   -Tree Pose
   -Warrior III Pose


Before: Empty bar, wrist wraps, lifting shoes & belts.
During: Power clean bar, loaded to 60% of today’s 1RM.
After: Record workout results (esp. 1RM clean), do accessory exercise, clean & return equipment.