::: Barbell Strength Development :::
Pause Back or Front Squat to a 1-Rep Max.

3-second pause at the bottom (ie, in the hole). Rise only after the 3-second bottom-position hold.

Drop Set: 1 set of max repetitions at 90% of today’s 1-rep max.
NO pauses for this max-effort set. 

::: Monostructural/Weightlifting Conditioning, Short :::
“The Baby Deer”
   3 rounds for time:
   300 meter run
   20 barbell lunge steps, front-racked

Load: 135/95 or scale up/down as needed to get to 50% of no-pause front squat 1-rep max.

::: Accessory Midline Exercise, After the Hour :::
Accumulate 30 banded good mornings.
Accumulate 30 GHD back extensions.