::: Barbell Strength Development, Upper :::

A: Banded Shoulder or Push Press to 3RM

Band resistance from bands anchored to kettlebells at the floor. S-press or p-press, based on athlete’s preference for the day.

B: 1 max-effort drop set: max reps of shoulder press or push press (no bands) at 80% of today’s 3-rep max.

::: Tri-Modal Conditioning, Long Intervals :::

“Aimee” – AMRAP 20, in teams of 2:

   Alpha round:
20 dumbbell push presses
   300 meter run

   Beta round:
   20 GHD sit-ups
   300 meter run

Execution: Teammate A does alpha round, then Teammate B does alpha. A does the beta round, then B does the beta round. Then A does alpha again. Continue in the pattern for max rounds in 20 minutes.

::: Accessory Pulling Exercise, After the Hour :::

Pull-ups or chin-ups or muscle-ups.