Workout for 4-29-16

::: Gymnastics Movement Practice :::

Objective: learn & improve movement. Strive to achieve perfect positions and movement.

A min: 30 second teeter/frog stands
B min: 30 seconds of GHD sit-ups
C min: 30 seconds of hang power snatch with an empty bar.


::: Tri-Modal Conditioning, short :::

With a 20-minute running timer….

0-10:00: “Stacey K”- Five rounds for time:
   12 power cleans
   12 box jumps

10-20:00: “6-Pack Smash” – Six rounds for time:
   10 GHD sit-ups
   10 triple-unders

Load for power cleans: 115/75 or 40% of power clean 1-rep max (light and fast)
Height for box jumps: 24/20 or something that can be cycled quickly

::: Accessory Strength Exercise, After the Hour :::

“The Walk” – Do a double-DB or double-KB farmer’s walk for max distance in 5 minutes.

Men: 2 x 50# dumbbells. Women: 2 x 30# dumbbells. May use kettlebells, heavier or lighter weight as needed to challenge the athlete.