Workout for 4-26-16

::: Barbell Strength Development :::

Push Press 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5

Execution: Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes, do 5 push presses from the rack, climbing (gradually increasing load). Don’t 5-rep max, but hit a heavy 5 (and maybe a few heavy 5s).

::: Monostructural/Weightlifting Conditioning, Long :::

“Sweeney K”- 3 rounds for time:
   600 meter run
   30 calorie row (26 for women)
   21 power cleans

Load for cleans: 135/95 or 50-60% of 1-rep max power clean, whichever is less.

::: Accessory Power Exercise, After the Hour :::

Find a max-height box jump.

Stack plates atop a box as needed.