Wednesday 4/20/2016

General Warm-up

Weightlifting/Conditioning -

With a running clock....

From 0-7 minutes:
“Grace” for Pete Fusaro’s birthday
30 clean & jerks for time.
Load: 135/95 or 50%-65% of clean/jerk max.

Rest until the 10 minute mark, then...

From 10-17 minutes:
“Jeff” for Jeff Merkel’s birthday
39 squat cleans (or p-clean + front squat) for time.
Load: 65-70% of clean max.

Rest until the 20 minute mark, then...

From 20-22 minutes:
“Dina” for Dina Roberts’ birthday
48 Russian twists for time (L+R= 1)
Load: some challenging kettlebell weight.

Rest until the 23 minute mark, then...

From 23-27 minutes:
“Erin” for Erin Kloster’s birthday
36 front-racked barbell lunges for time.

Rest until the 28 minute mark, then...

From 28-30 minutes:
“Jill” for Jill Shrimpf’s birthday
36 GHD sit-ups for time.