Workout for 12-5-16

Gymnastics Conditioning, Short Duration

 54 parallette hops
 54 box jumps

Box: 24”/20” or scale to height that allows for quick reps
Parallette: “tall”=RX, “down”=SC

Weightlifting Conditioning, Short-Duration

 34 hang power cleans
 34 push presses w/ dumbbells

Load, Hang Power Clean: 155/105 or 65% 1RM
Load, Push Press: 2x50/2x30 or two Dumbbells that add to 45% of p-press 1RM

Gymnastics Conditioning, Short Duration

“Christina 2.0”
 27 situps, GHD
 27 muscle-ups, bar


“Christina 1.0”
 27 sit-ups
 27 pull-ups
Choose only one of the above

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Posterior Chain: Bent-over reverse dumbbell flies, 3 x 12.
Anterior Chain: Bicep curls with dumbbells, 3 sets of 12 per arm.

After: Accessory exercise, record workout results in Sugar WOD, clean/return equipment. 

Before: Calculate 65% of HPC 1RM & 45% of push press 1RM; wear gymnastics grips; get an empty bar for the warmup.