Workout for 11-9-16

Monostructural Conditioning, Short

From 0-10:00:
 1 mile row for time
Gymnastics Conditioning, Short

From 10-20:00:
 75 sit-ups for time
 SC=any other situp variant
Weightlifting Conditioning, Short

From 20-30:00:
 Max reps of overhead squat
 1 set; go to failure

Weightlifting Strength Test

With the time remaining of ten minutes after finishing the OHS,
 Find a 1-rep max snatch

After-Hour Accessory Exercise Strength:

4 rounds, not for time:
14 Bulgarian split squats
14 ring rows

After: Do accessory exercise, clean & return equipment, record workout results; compare today’s results to 8-17-16.

Before: Calculate 50% of OHS 1RM, get an empty bar or PVC for warmup rounds; get lifting shoes and/or other wraps PRN. Check 8-17-16 workout notes.