Workout for 10-7-16

Monostructural/Weightlifting Conditioning, Long-Duration

CrossFit Mainsite 160607 WOD
For time:
200 double-unders
100 dumbbell squat snatches
200 double-unders

Gymnastics Skill Development

Alternate back and forth between the two, practicing:
Handstand hold or walk
Parallette shoot-throughs

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Rotator cuff:
 2 rounds of 30 seconds each:
 External rotation, arm @ 0, R
 External rotation, arm @ 90, R
 External rotation, arm @ 0, L
 External rotation, arm @ 90, L


Before class: Have a jump rope, PVC pipe and light dumbbell ready for the warmup.
After class: Do accessory exercise, record workout results, clean & return equipment.