Workout for 10-18-16

Barbell Strength Development Progressive Series- Week 2 of 3

Back or Front Squat-
3 sets of 10

Weightlifting Conditioning, Short-Mid Duration

For time,
200 Russian kettlebell swings
1 st 100: 2-arm swings
2 nd 100: 1-arm swings 

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Midline: 3 sets of 50-100 flutter kicks; heel touch to hips @ 90.
Balance: Accumulate 3 minutes of single-leg balance (90 seconds each leg). Consider yoga poses.


Before class: Calculate 65/70% of squat max; get empty bar & small kettlebell or dumbbell; check 9-07-16 “Kim S” KB wt.  

After class: Do accessory exercise, record workout results, clean & return equipment.