Workout for 10-15-16

Midline Stability Development

Various types of planks;
 -Elbow plank
-Top-of-push-up plank
-Side plank
-Plank jacks
-Plank up-downs
-Side plank toe touches
-Side plank knee to elbow
-Mission Impossible plank
-Plank walks
-Plank lateral jumps

Tri-Modal Conditioning, Long Duration

“Cassidy” aka Team Kelly:
 6 rounds for time, teams of 2:
 30 wall-ball
 30 box jumps

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Strength: Dumbbell bench press, 3 sets of 12 across.
Strength: Dumbbell 1-arm bentover rows, 3 sets of 12 across.

Before class: Get a light med-ball for the warmup.

After class: Do accessory exercise, record workout results, clean & return equipment.