Workout for 10-13-16


Agility practice
Rope climb skill

Monostructural/Gymnastics Conditioning, Repeated Intervals

“Janelle’s Twin Ropes of Death”
For time, in teams of 2:
200 double-unders
2 mile run in 200 meter splits Plus:
Every 2 minutes until EVERYONE’S done, 1 rope climb. Rope climbs start at 0:00.

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Anterior chain: 3 sets of 12 GHD sit-ups, at 50X0 temp.
Strength: 3 sets of 12 supine skull crushers, self-selected load.

Before class: Get jump ropes & running shoes ready. 

After class: Do accessory exercise, record workout results, clean & return equipment.