Workout for 10-1-16

Monostructural/Gymnastics Conditioning, Mid-Duration

“Liner Alpha”
AMRAP 10, in teams of 2:
40 calorie row
40 push-ups

Strongman/Gymnastics Conditioning, Mid-Duration

“Liner Beta”
AMRAP 10, in teams of 2:
40-foot sled pull
40 burpees

After-Hour Accessory Exercise

Posterior chain: Conventional or Sumo Deadlift- Sets of 3 4-8 total sets as time permits. Across. Self-selected load. 

Before class: Get a plate for the warm-up (45 or 35 for men, 35 or 25 for women).
After class: Record workout results, do accessory exercise, clean & return equipment.