Shawn Crocker

Shawn has been involved with and competing in sports since an early age. His introduction to CrossFit and functional fitness came from his time competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He began looking for unique training approaches to increase his strength, conditioning and flexibility to give him more of a competitive edge in his sport. He converted his garage into a gym shortly after and dove head first into high intensity, functional training. During this time, he acquired a certification in the use of kettlebells as well as a programming certificate from End of Three Fitness.

Having always loved Olympic weightlifting and struggling to learn the proper technique, Shawn reached out to CrossFit Edwardsville to enlist the help of their coaches. He immediately fell in love with the camaraderie, competitiveness, and culture at CrossFit Edwardsville and hasn't looked back since. Within just a few months he attended and passed the CrossFit Level 1 course and began coaching athletes shortly after.

Shawn is passionate about helping all athletes in any area of movement, but especially enjoys helping build better range of motion, mobility, flexibility, and the complex Olympic lifts. Outside of CFE, he also enjoys the outdoors, fishing, hiking, camping and kayaking.