Janell Roedl

Janell Roedl, known at Crossfit Edwardsville as Coach JJ, has been coaching our athletes to better fitness here since the gym was born- she was one of the "founding coaches" who has been with CFE since the beginning! Along the journey, she has become one of the area's most talented and most-beloved coaches, with unparalleled client satisfaction metrics. She is experienced in training all kinds of athletes, from novice to competitive, kids to Master's. (You can find her coaching our early morning athletes, Mom Squad, as well as CFE Kids). A teacher at heart, she is passionate about providing top-notch instruction in a way that is accessible to each athlete. It is her desire to add value to EVERY area of EVERY athletes' life at Crossfit Edwardsville (not only in your health and fitness journey, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and contribute to making Crossfit Edwardsville your FAVORITE place to be.

Coach JJ teaches all athletes, “don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone…it’s a very safe place to be bold and face fears.”