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Our beliefs

Clean eating IS worth it. The way you feel, the way you look, and the way you perform in LIFE and in the gym- are SUPERPOWERED when your nutrition is fully dialed in.

Clean eating is NOT about eating less. Trying to eat as little as possible is NO fun and drains all the fun out of food. In our challenges, we will encourage you to eat like a king- but eat the right things in the optimal amounts.

You should enjoy the process! Clean eating is AWESOME. There are SO many amazing, delicious, flavorful foods that promote better energy and performance, that you should NEVER have to eat something you don't want to eat. We'll show you how to eat clean AND love food too! 

No one succeeds alone. Let's be honest; you've tried this alone and you've failed miserably. Most of us don't have a lot of "clean eating" people around us, so finding good company is hard. In our nutrition challenges, you'll have a COACH to guide you AND a tribe of people doing clean-eating WITH YOU so that you have an uplifting support network to make it easier and more fun.

Here are the programs we have to help you succeed.

Step 1: The Nutrition Consultation

The nutrition consultation is done as a 1-on-1 session, usually in person (but over the phone is also possible). In the consultation, you'll tell us your specific goals; review & discuss your food journal; and select actionable steps to make the MOST impact as QUICKLY as possible. 

The nutrition consultation is required before doing Levels 2, 3, or 4.

Click below to sign up for the nutrition consultation, then send a text-message to 618-559-1013 to schedule your consultation.

Step 2: The Clean-Eating Challenge

This program is for anyone who wants to see the full benefits of clean eating, and who's ready to go all-in and FULLY commit! This is for those who want to enhance CrossFit performance, achieve a leaner body, improve energy levels, sleep better, curb cravings, foster a healthier relationship with food, and enhance quality of life.

This 30-day nutrition program will jump-start progress, create serious momentum, break bad habits and replace them with GREAT ones. This is done WITH a coach AND with other people, so you have a TRIBE of people to keep you fired-up and on-track! 

We provide EVERYTHING you need to succeed. All the materials, structure, motivation and support. We’ll do everything except buy the food and feed it to you (that’s up to you).

What Can You Expect in Steps 2 and up?

  • A guided path to eating clean for a leaner physique and greater performance. Positive steps and guidance toward success; no theory, no wasted time

  • A coach to give you ALL the accountability you need

  • An uplifting, positive group of other people to do this program with (one of the MOST popular things about our challenges!!)

  • Goal-setting session with the coach to identify YOUR most important outcomes

  • Scheduled test and re-test to PROVE progress at the completion of the program- and create positive pressure to adhere

  • Accountability to your goals and to a plan for their achievement

  • Guide to grocery-shopping (game plan)

  • Recipes proven to be both flavorful and impactful

  • Shopping lists for the grocer, health food market, or farmers’ market

  • Meal planning outline

  • Restaurant-eating guidebook

  • Travel plan: a manual for eating clean when on the road

  • Seasonal produce text

  • Shopping guide for vegan or vegetarian participants

  • Meat-buyers’ manual to finding the best meat, eggs and seafood

  • Written plan for those following a paleo autoimmune protocol, low-histamine or other related diets

  • Formal weigh-in and body metrics measurement at start and end of the challenge (optional).

  • A whole new body for you!!

If you have completed the Nutrition Consultation and have the go ahead to sign up for the Challenge, please print, fill out, and return the following Liability Waiver. Thanks!

Liability Form for Nutrition Services.pdf

“I've always been one who drops weight just to gain it back again (who hasn't).  But in February, 2016, when I was the heaviest I have ever been, I knew if I wanted to continue a good life I needed to make a change… With excellent guidance from Coach G, I started my 2nd whole 30 on May 1, 2017 (in my eyes my final way of eating) and I am still going strong to this day.  Finally, with all my hard work, dedication, and great coaches I am seeing the results I want.  I am currently down 80lbs and 60inches from February, 2016 and from March, 2017 to date my body % fat went from 31.4 to 22.8 (that's 8.6%).  I am so thankful for all the help CFE has given me. I would not be where I am today without their help.”
-Faith Tarr

“I definitely feel a difference after eating. I haven’t felt stuffed or sluggish like you would get from a fast food meal. Also, NO food regret after meals. Last Friday I wore a T-shirt that used to feel tight and now it feels great! Also trying new foods has been awesome… it’s been a good journey so far.”
-Stephanie Geiser

“Started this program with Coach G thinking there is NO way I could give up sugar, grain and dairy… my favorite 3 staples that I’ve come to realize are only ‘stapling’ my fat on my body. I had come to a decision to do something different to get different results. I had to go through Foundations twice in order for me to just get up without being out of breath, go up a flight of stairs without having to stop 2 min to  regain my breath. Being able to get up off the floor that didn’t take multiple attempts are just a few basic things that motivated me to start the change.

I took the challenge to kickstart me into a better way of looking at food, not simply as a reward, but as fuel. Struggle, of course; I started this process right before my birthday. Having your family buy a beautiful birthday cake… then I call Coach G… uh what do you suggest? Needless to say, I took a pass and watched my cake eaten by others. LOL. That’s when I knew I was serious about what I was doing.

What helped was the recipes… do the crockpot stuff, make a meal or meals… it is not that difficult. Having this already preplanned made a huge difference in the success of this. From my BIA to after 30 days, I lost 16 pounds of ALL fat and gained 2 pounds of lean muscle. The results don’t lie.”

-Client who requested to remain anonymous

Lost 6lbs and at least 1 belt loop
Improved hair texture (shiny, less frizz)
Clearer view of foods to eat and foods to limit or remove
Possibly revealed sensitivity to dairy
-Julia Heckler, in one 30-day program we coached

Lost 10 lbs
dropped approximately 4% body fat

My sleep quality has increased (feel rested when waking)
energy level is sustained thoughout the day
broke the Diet Coke habit (not going back)
** biggest benefit ** created new healthy habits my kids participate in
-Curt Griffith, in one 30-day program we coached

-15lb wt loss
-didn't measure, so not sure about %
-look better naked
-PRed my beard
-Jimmy Jesse, in one 30-day program we coached

Lost 11 lbs.
Dropped 1 point on bmi
Lost 2" from waist
Lost 1" from hips
I feel better. 
Have almost no cravings. 
Don't miss in between meal snacks. 
Workouts are stronger. When I run I don't run out of power during the longer distances.
-Stacy Jesse, in one 30-day program we coached

Lost 13 lbs and 3% body fat
More energy
Less cravings
Slept better
No longer felt groggy during the day and didn't feel the need for coffee
-Ashley Noeth, in one 30-day program we coached

•Lost just over 17 pounds
•Dropped 9% body fat
•Inflammation down
•Joint pain much better
•Sleeping muuuuuch better
•Acid reflux gone
-Rick Ramirez, in one 30-day program we coached

-lost 3% body fat
-went down a pant and shirt size
-I got deep useful sleep
-had more energy
-clearer skin
-my nursing baby also slept better
-less anxiety
-Amanda Caretta, in one 30-day program we coached

-lost 16 pounds doing whole 30 ( haven't had a chance to measure body fat % yet)
- have more energy during wods
- have more energy in general
- hair and skin is softer
- most of the time wide awake for 5am wods
-nails have gotten stronger
-meal planning has gotten easier
-clothes fitting noticeably better
-y husband just said I have had reduced night sweats we can't remember last time I had them but usually get them quite often
-Nikki Bollman, in one 30-day program we coached

-Lost 2% body fat and 4lbs
-increased energy
-Able to concentrate better even after lunch
-Sleeping much better
-Limited sugar cravings!!
-food tastes great
-last 2 weeks no IT band issues
-Jenny Griffith, in one 30-day program we coached

+Lost 3% body fat on Whole30 (16.6% body fat since October, Thanks to Dr. Rob Wise and Dr. Kristen Jacobs for kickstarting my weight loss)...getting closer to my pre-baby body
+Fewer cravings
+Feel more confident
+More consistent energy
+Less bloating
+My wrist bone hasn't popped out of socket in a month
+More focused
+Better memory
+More productive
+I can go for a while between meals and I feel okay
+I've always been a goal maker but have never needed to lose weight. I learned how to make healthy weight loss goals without relying on yo-yo dieting and quick weight loss fixes.
-Caroline Skelly, in one 30-day program we coached, and working with Drs. Wise & Jacobs

* Lost ~14 lbs
* Blood pressure went from 154/85 to 133/83 (still room for improvement but great progress)
* Daily acid reflux (requiring daily otc medication) is completely gone!!!
* Most cravings are non-existent and the occasional craving is just a momentary thought that quickly dissipates. Yay!
* I am joyful...chronically happy
* More energetic
* Someone told me that I'm less irritable, more agreeable, and my butt is cuter  :-)
* My WOD times improved with increased cardiovascular conditioning
* Increased skill in bodyweight movements likely due to weight loss
* Less generalized anxiety with zero panic attacks
* Fewer headaches
* Less joint pain, with my back pain at 50% of what it was
* Zero excess fluid retention (history of kidney issues causing pitting edema in my legs)
* My annoying chronic cough is gone
* Mild digestive issues have normalized
* Foods taste better
-Janell Roedl, in one 30-day program we coached

- lost 2 pants sizes
- increased self control when it comes to food
- decreased cravings
- increased energy
- increased focus and clarity of mind
-Erin Browdy, in one 30-day program we coached

- down 15 lbs
- skin is a lot clearer
- hair is smoother and less shedding
- more consistent energy
- decreased cravings (still working on this)
-Megan Downs, in one 30-day program we coached

*Waist size is down and pants/clothes are loose (new wardrobe coming).

*Body is toned

*Enjoy grocery shopping

*Trying new foods

*Meal planning has become not only routine but also enjoyable

*Improved sleep, fall asleep faster, and wake up with energy

*Not eating out much
-Gordon Bell, in one 30-day program we coached

Lost around 8 pounds. 
Heartburn reduced. 
Less bad days at the gym. 
Sleep came easier
-John Bryan, in one 30-day program we coached

Lost 5 lbs
Lost a lot of cravings
Lost addiction to diet soda
Don't feel hungry all the time anymore
-Josh Dickerson, in one 30-day program we coached

•Lost 7 lbs
•Majority of cravings eliminated (particularly bread)
•Remaining cravings (sugar) under control
•More energy during WODs
•Lifted more weight during WODs
•Consistent energy throughout the day
•I get full quicker and stay full longer
•No night sweats (I didn't even realize this was a problem until it went away!)
•No more naps on the weekend (unless I just want to 😊)
-Katie Dauksch, in one 30-day program we coached

•focus and mental toughness
•weight loss and reduction in body fat
•meal prepping
•knowledge of nutrition
-Stuart Schiber, in one 30-day program we coached

Weight loss
Significantly reduced snacking
5% body fat loss
More energy
-Anna Yarger, in one 30-day program we coached

• urge to snack is gone
• crave veggies instead of processed, junk food
• better looking skin
• pants are loose

-Rachel Germann, in one 30-day program we coached

•increase energy
•sound 6-8 hours of sleep (no tossing/turning like normal)
•no night sweats
•better complexion
•body fat loss
-Jinger Howald, in one 30-day program we coached

-increased Energy
-fitting into my smaller sized pants, comfortably.
-increased attention span.
-lighter mood, more upbeat than usual.
-Erica Kahoutek, in one 30-day program we coached

Cut 8 pounds of pure bodyfat, BIA confirmed
Took 3 inches off the hips
Took 3 inches off the waist
Better conditioning and agility in workouts
-Donna Sutton, in one 30-day program we coached

Lost 8 pounds
Dropped almost 5% body fat
-Ed Bauza, in one 30-day program we coached

My sleep has much improved, as has my energy level. Overall I feel really good!
-Dina Roberts, in one 30-day program we coached