Jinger Howald - AM Athlete of the Month


Share a little about you and your family outside of CFE.

My husband Dax and I will be married 10 years this November.  Dax has worked for Automatic Fire for close to 15 years and installs commercial sprinklers in buildings and I became a stay at home mom when I had Lenox, so just about 3 years ago.  We have two boys and a beautiful German Shepherd.  Landon is 14,  loves to fly helicopters.  He started when he was around 10 and I believe has 9 out of 40 hours complete.  He plays baseball and loves to read.  Lenox is almost 3, loves to play outside with his trucks and take big walks in the woods or around the property.  Pilot is 5 and loves to follow lenox around.

How has CrossFit positively impacted your health, career, and relationships? 

As far as my health, Crossfit has helped me be more aware of what’s in the food I eat, making better choices, most of the time.  I also find myself doing more exercise at home if I miss a day.  Career…crossfit has made everything more approachable.  I believe my husband has noticed also.  Relationships...I am more encouraging than I use to be.  Have met so many great people at CFE that are willing to do anything for you and push you to your max.  It’s been amazing.

What brought you to CrossFit Edwardsville (ie, how'd you find out about us)?
I was working out at our little gym in Bunker Hill with BillieJo before I came to CFE.  I did call around to different crossfit box’s but CFE was the only one with childcare so that was also a big reason.

What are your current goals?
Just to keep hitting PR’s, getting stronger.  Would love to lose more weight.

Favorite workout/lift/movement? 
Deadlifts, double unders, rope climbs, pull-ups.  Love team WODs.  

Fill in the Blank

I like…wine
I eat…pizza
I do...enjoy jet skiing, camping and snowmobiling
I am...blessed