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For Current or Potential CrossFitters...  

  • WOD Prescription by Your Doctor: Doing CrossFit Better & More Safely as an Athlete & Coach, from the Coach who's been Featured in the CrossFit Journal, Has a Track Record of Safety, and Sent an Athlete to Regionals.
  • The TOP-rated (5-star) book on the topic in the Amazon/Kindle store
  • This book has drawn rave reviews since its initial publication
  • THE prescription that produced best-gym awards for CrossFit Edwardsville every year since 2015
  • Retails for $9.99-19.99 but you can get it for FREE
  • This free offer is ONLY here and is limited-time


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In this FREE book, you'll learn these SUCCESS & SAFETY tips for the athlete/ CrossFitter...

  • Understanding what's normal in the pursuit of fitness
  • Knowing the difference between pain & discomfort
  • How to avoid the trap of the pain-celebration parade
  • Learning to move with excellence, then quickly
  • How to find the RIGHT CrossFit gym for you
  • Making mobility a priority: steps & strategies
  • Breaking off the love affair with excess: how to do it
  • Better mental approaches & schemas for CrossFit
  • And more! 


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Coaches and CrossFit-program-writers will learn the following SUCCESS & SAFETY tips...

  • Understanding the psychology of the athlete
  • Identifying nonverbal signs of trouble
  • Demanding excellence ALL of the time
  • Programming enough to effect change- not more
  • Using Foundations or On-Ramp Personal Training
  • How heavier workouts can actually be SAFER
  • How RX or SC loads could be hurting your clientele
  • POSITION first, then mechanics, consistency, intensity
  • Being more of a coach vs judge or cheerleader
  • When to require athletes to rest
  • and MORE! 

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Sample Programming - EXACTLY What Safe, Fun & Effective Looks Like

  • 3 months of workout programming
  • Authored by head coach, Dr Greg Skelly
  • The EXACT programming we run at the #awardwinningbestgym
  • General warm-ups, specific warm-ups, strength, conditioning, and accessory work- SPELLED OUT
  • SPECIFIC timelines for every element so you are in-and-out in ONE hour or less
  • What to do before, after, and during your workout
  • The specific goals/objectives for each workout
  • Workouts tiered for beginner (Scaled), intermediate (RX) and advanced (RX+) CrossFitters
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Success Stories- PROOF that this works

  • TONS of Before & After photographs
  • Testimonials from our REAL clients- people with jobs & families, just like you
  • Stories of PHYSICAL transformation (from beer belly to six-pack)
  • Stories of PERFORMANCE transformation (improved performance in CrossFit and other sports
  • Stories from people who just feel better and more ENERGIZED for life with their friends & family
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