Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in an average workout?

At CrossFit Edwardsville, our classes last one hour. We typically spend half of the class working on strength or skill, and the other half of the session on one of the “timed” conditioning workouts that we are famous for. You will be coached on your movement technique, progression, and strategy during the workout. Every athlete will have the opportunity to be given personal coaching cues. Every athlete will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers promptly. We will push you to move with excellence... and get comfortable being uncomfortable. 


We charge more, because we are not the average gym experience. We provide excellence, and we produce excellence.

Our professionals lead our clients to perform at a high level; our program benefits transition from health into wealth and relationships. You will literally be better equipped to succeed and excel at everything because of our program. Our students do better in school, our athletes do better on the field, and our businesspeople get promoted faster. 

Further, our team has been learning, leading by example, and practicing excellence in coaching for a long time. The difference in our knowledge, skill, and experience is evident. 

Not everyone can afford our premium fitness services. Those who can, live life at the next level. If that's you, come join us. 

Do I have to be in shape before I start CrossFit or/any of your programs?

No. That’s a common misconception. “I’m gonna spend a couple months working on my cardio, then I’ll try CrossFit”. Please understand when we tell you this. We’ve been doing this for years, and nobody- NO ONE- has EVER come to us and said, “I wish I spent more time getting in shape before starting CrossFit.” On the other hand, people OFTEN remark that they wish they got started doing CrossFit sooner- because just imagine how much farther they’d be in their quest for fitness! If you start CrossFit now, we promise you that you will never regret it. Don’t wait for the perfect time, or you’ll wait forever. Get started now.

I can’t do box jumps/pull-ups/running, etc. Can I still participate?

You sure can. We have variations of every exercise, and we’re not in the business of pressuring anyone to do anything they don’t want to- or making anyone feel excluded if they’re not a natural athlete. We’ll encourage you to face down and overcome your weaknesses, but if you need to make adjustments, we’ll make it easy for you. Everyone’s got a weakness. Athletes at CrossFit Edwardsville just decide not to let that stop them.

I have a medical condition. Can I be accommodated?

In short, yes. We’ve worked with folks with shoulder/knee/ankle/hip/back/neck injuries, former bariatric patients, fused vertebra, metal implants, bulging or herniated spine discs, Parkinson’s, asthma, people who are missing bones, people who have extra bones, the clinically depressed, the clinically awesome, and people who would probably be diagnosed with clinical fear of weightlifting.

We have many medical professionals in our community, all of whom agree that this program is actually the best for building the healthiest possible body, regardless of background. You can be accommodated.

I am a runner/cyclist/golfer/tennis player. How will CrossFit benefit me?

Every specialized athlete has clear deficiencies. CrossFit will target your weaknesses and improving these areas will make you a dramatically better sport-specific athlete.

I am a woman, will I get bulky?

Check the pictures on our Facebook page; check out the girls in our workouts. Awesomely strong, in shape, totally feminine. Question answered!