Janell "JJ" Roedl- June Coach of the Month

Janell, better known as "JJ" around here, has been coaching with us since the EARLY days- back when we were a church group and when CrossFit Edwardsville met in basketball gymnasiums, front lawns and public parks. 

Since that time, JJ has become one of the most beloved and respected fitness coaches in the area. Read here to see what her clients say about her, then sign up for CrossFit to work with JJ in Foundations or group CrossFit! 


Julia Thorne: JJ is awesome because she believes in you when you don't believe in yourself!!

Greg Skelly: JJ is awesome because she's a stellar movement coach. Anytime I have a chance to see or work with the people she coaches, it's clear that they've been coached by a master. She also has an amazing ability to connect with people with her amazing personal warmth; we are very blessed to have her at CrossFit Edwardsville!

Katie Swain: JJ is awesome because she supports you not just inside the gym, but in your outside life as well.

Barbara Bagby: JJ is awesome because she is always so helpful, cheering you on when you are attempting a personal best. She does come looking for me when I've disappeared for too many days. It is appreciated.

Adam Gregory: JJ is awesome cause she sends me texts to encourage me to get my butt up on Monday morning and into class.

Karla McDole: JJ is awesome because she provides an inspiration to be a better person both inside and outside of the gym. Her personality is gold!

Curt Griffith: JJ is awesome because she possesses that intangible ability to sense when you are getting mentally beat and she can push me through those self imposed limits. Not to mention her genuine authentic prayer before each class can just get you going to not just grow physically but also spiritually - one of the biggest hearts I have ever witnessed

Dylan Madron: JJ is awesome because she doesn't let us settle with anything less than what we are capable of. She is determined to help us both in and outside of the gym with encouragement and loves to watch us succeed. We love JJ.

Ed Bauza: JJ is awesome because she pushes me to do better, and praises me when I try AND when I succeed

Lizzy Seay: JJ is awesome because she is positive, encouraging and impactful. During my first week out of foundations, she helped ease my nerves. She made me feel comfortable, confident and instantly part of the CFE family. I enjoy walking into the gym and seeing her welcoming smile.

Emily Soto: JJ is awesome because she leads by example. Her positive attitude and kind smile are contagious. Her knowledge of movement and style of coaching are inspirational.

Jason Phillips: JJ never lets me sacrifice form for weight, and always smiles when tells me my backs rounded.

Christian Rhoten: JJ is awesome because even at the break of dawn she exudes positivity which helps make an exciting atmosphere for all. She is helpful with movements when needed and pushes you to do better at all times!

Randy Lemon: JJ is awesome because she genuinely cares about everyone she comes in contact with as a coach. She finds a way to make every movement needed to complete a necessary technique make sense in a drawing or in a demonstration. She encourages us always to give our best and never short change ourselves She sends us inspirational messages during the week and makes sure we are coming to class. I started with JJ 5 yrs. ago and have never regretted a moment. 6 am Loves JJ!

Mike Sonderegger: JJ is awesome because she cares so much about others. Whether it be helping us achieve fitness goals, helping us with our form so we don't get hurt or can do things more effectively, or what ever is happening in our personal lives, she genuinely cares and is very encouraging. Her way of putting others first is a great example for us all. We are blessed to have JJ as a coach and friend.

Heather Wilshire: JJ is awesome because she pushes you to do more in a positive and caring way.

Tara Kuhne: JJ is awesome because when I took a break from CFE, several times she sent me a notes to make to check on me. She always has a smile on her face!!! Even at 5 am!

Dr. Kevin Kellerman: JJ is awesome because she puts her best effort into coaching us how to maintain proper form and technique. She doesn't allow poor technique to slide, and on the flip side she affirms and acknowledges you when proper technique is achieved. I second the fact that she doesn't sacrifice form for weight, which is awesome.

Dr. Ryan Cleland: JJ is awesome because she has a heart of gold and she is genuine. She will bend over backwards to make sure you feel important in her class but she will get on you if you need a kick in the pants.

Lacey Sonderegger: JJ cares for us not just as athletes, but as people. She helped me make more progress in life and in my lifts in 6 months than I had experienced anywhere else. She is always happy to see her athletes and makes everyone feel valued and welcomed.

Hana Thixton: She is a BAB!

Jimmy Almeter: She just IS awesome.

Don Yakstis: She elevates me in all that I am. As an athlete, as a person, as a coach, everything she does improves who I am.

Stacy Jesse: JJ is awesome because she is kind to my kids. She is so patient with them. She motivates them and keeps them moving even when they want to stop.

Christin Friederich: JJ exudes the power of positivity the minute she enters the room. She has a way of making you feel like you've known her for years even if you've just met. She is attentive to EVERYONE in her classes whether your a pro or a beginner; And takes a genuine interest in YOU as a person. Her patience is endless; and her sincerity & caring ways are the real thing. She is truly a gift from above.

Jen Briesacher: JJ is awesome for her beauty inside and out. Her integrity and kind spirit truly encourages me to be a better person and athlete.

Jenny Griffith: JJ is a wonderful coach and am blessed to have her as a friend. She knows how to encourage at just the right time. She knows when to be tough and how to push for results. She not only pushes people physically, but also spiritually. CFE wouldn't be CFE without her!

Becky Hartman: JJ is awesome, because she is always uplifting and motivating not only as a person, but also a coach! She is absolutely amazing at modifying workouts to taylor to an individual's goals or injuries! She's very involved and excited about each workout and how your performance is as an athlete. She's focuses highly on form which is key! She's the best slightsmile emoticon

Katie Jumper: Coach JJ is a one of a kind person! She is an amazing coach and and an awesome person! She is always motivating and encourages me to be my best.

Jimmy Jesse: JJ is a ninja when it comes to motivation.

Stacey Adams: JJ is awesome because she sees potential in EVERYONE. She recognizes all growth...whether that's in increased weight, improved movements, better nutrition, better conditioning, or in their personal life. And she's genuinely happy for any of that growth. She has great coaching abilities and is an awesome support in the gym and out. I'm so happy to call her a coach and a friend!

Julia Heckler: JJ is awesome because she is an excellent coach and even better friend. Personally, I love seeing her put her passion and perseverance into the kids class.

Josh Wedel: JJ is awesome because she motivates us each day to give it our all and doesn't allow us to compromise our form for weight. She always had an amazing and warm personality bright and early each day. Thanks JJ for being part of our community.

Cassidy Hoelscher: JJ is amazing because even at 5am she greets all of us with a warm smile and she is always full of excitement to get our day started off the right way. You can tell JJ is passionate about coaching and she makes each one of us a better person and athlete.

Gordon Bell: JJ is awesome because of her enthusiasm and attention to detail when it comes to teaching us the movements. I really enjoy how she encourages all of us to do our best and not quit. She is also doing a fantastic job with CrossFit Kids and can tell the kids really enjoy it.

Jen Bulmann: JJ is awesome because she always takes her time with me. Whether it's coaching, encouraging, rejoicing in little accomplishments or PRs or just getting to know me. She is the go-to coach for me because I love her great attitude and smile.

Erin Kloster: JJ is awesome because she really helps me out with all of my movements and pushes me through the end and gives me double high fives - from Isayah JJ is awesome because her spirit is pure joy! Encouragement oozes from her soul. She knows just what works for each athlete. And she didn't judge me when I told her I had a crush on Stitch!!!

Janine Beaver: JJ is awesome because she pushes me harder than I think I can go. She is very motivating and I trust her so much as a coach and friend.

Stacey Kathriner: JJ is the kindest person I know, she has a beautiful spirt that shows both personally and professionally. I'm always motivated to work a little harder when she is coaching!

Virginia Morris: JJ , you are an outstanding coach. Your always a pleasure to work with. I LOVE your dedication to fitness. You are so motivating and knowledgable. Thank you for your patience and your kindness and for sharinf your gift of coaching. CFE wouldnt be the same without you. Oh and I love ,love,love all of your opening prayers! You always have a good word! Love you Coach!! ♡

Jamey Booker: This is my description of coach JJ! I couldn't say it any better than this!