Caroline Skelly

Caroline has a wide variety of career experiences including, accounting, tax professional, financial assistant, optician, and property manager. But it wasn’t until recently that she discovered what she really wanted to do with her life. She has always been a “health nut” and has a love for learning about foods and what they can do for you, but what would she do with that?

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication from Eastern Illinois University in 2008, then went on to earn her Master’s degree in Health Communication from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. While obtaining her graduate degree she taught Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. There she discovered a love for teaching. Along this career-finding journey, she started CrossFitting with her husband, Greg. Together they started a small fitness group at their church where she and Greg and a great friend of theirs taught nutrition classes and basic movements for their workouts.

Both shared a desire to open a CrossFit affiliate so they settled in the Glen Carbon / Edwardsville area; shortly after, CrossFit Edwardsville was born. There, Caroline paired her well-rounded professional experience with her incredible personal warmth to create the fun and inviting atmosphere of CrossFit Edwardsville.

Now, Caroline works full-time at CrossFit Edwardsville, managing all day-to-day affairs of the affiliate as well as coaching classes. She is the go-to person for all online, account, and technical programs, and holds the CrossFit Edwardsville gym record for most people successfully coached into a kipping pull-up or muscle-up!